Robert Rabbin is here to discuss what it means to live life authentically and speak truthfully.

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On today’s show we welcome speaker and author, Robert Rabbin to discuss what it means to live life authentically and speak truthfully. He shares what it means to be able to go deeper into awareness and live your life without hiding. Robert believes that speaking is how we “move in and through life”, and he describes how broadcasting information is very different than speaking truthfully. We also talk about internal orientation vs external orientation, and the importance of building internal stability regardless of your external situation.
Robert Rabbin began his professsional journey in 1985, after spending 10 years living and working with meditation master Swami Muktananda. Since then, he has developed an international reputation as a radically brilliant speaker and public speaking guru, as well as a distinguished self-awareness facilitator, leadership adviser, and personal mentor. Robert is the creative source and director of Speaking Truthfully, through which he offers masterclasses and private mentoring in authentic self-expression and public speaking. He has published eight books and more than 250 articles on authentic living and public speaking, leadership, self-inquiry, spiritual activism, and meditation.
In January 2012, he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and told he had a few months to live. However, in keeping with his contrarian nature, he continues to thrive past the predicted use-by date. He lives in Los Angeles.
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