I have been on the receiving end of Mikelann’s coaching on creating a healthy relationship with money and am excited to have her share her brilliance with us on this show! Here’s a word from Mikelann:

Over the years, I have found that many leaders have developed their own “sacred money practice” or at some point, strive to do so. It grounds them and helps them access their deepest visions for their lives. As a money coach, I’ve found that most people do benefit from creating a personal money ritual. Simply put- this is a habit or practice for getting in touch with your money on a regular basis. Like all practices—spiritual practice (meditation) or physical practice (daily walk), a practice is simply the regular performance of some activity, undertaken for the purposes of bringing oneself greater harmony and peace. And presence. All great practices are designed to walk you down a path toward a goal. Most leaders embrace goals of less stress, more peace, more enjoyment of life, and more presence. A sacred money practice brings them all this and more.

To learn more about Mikelann, visit http://www.seattlemoneycoach.com/.