Join us for a moving discussion on how we as business leaders can be leaders at home too, in a healthy and proactive way with our kids. Each of us possesses our own internal compass that will always direct us to our best answers.

Bio:  Sharon Ballantine has always felt that one of her missions in life was to be the best parent she could possibly be. She has raised three children and her greatest joy is being with them. She is a parenting coach, life coach and founder of The Ballantine Parenting Institute—her online course for parents. She has just completed her first book, “The Art of Blissful Parenting – Teaching Your Children How To Follow Their Internal Guidance” in which she guides parents on the practical and spiritual aspects of raising happy, self-reliant kids. Her core message is that by following our own Internal Guidance System and teaching our children to follow theirs, parents have more freedom and ease in their relationship with their children.  View Sharon Online  Website | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Google+ | Youtube | Instagram