Leadership is an overlooked competitive opportunity. The top leadership of most organizations is both the higher impact group in the organization and the most expensive. The organization will not perform at a level higher than the collective effectiveness of its leadership. What is the cost of ineffectiveness at these levels? We think high. In this episode we will explore the key elements of conscious leader framework and how it can broaden, deepen and accelerate our efforts to develop effective leaders for the complex future that is already upon us. Effective Leadership is Conscious Competence—a well practiced outer game arising and being mediated by an highly mature inner game.


Bob Anderson’s story as an innovator and visionary in leadership began in high school and college where he staffed intensive personal and leadership development retreats. In business school, his love for statistics and economics helped to culture a unique talent. He became skillful at taking complex ideas and integrating them into models and methods for leadership development that are powerful, tangible, and accessible.

For the last 20 years, Bob has created and conducted intensive leadership development workshops. His most current breakthrough programs include Authentic Leader workshop, “Pathways to Partnership,” and “Mastering Leadership”. Bob’s clients rank among the nation’s top companies.


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