The act of listening with presence is one of the most powerful things we can offer ourselves and others. However, consciously listening is easier said than done! Without even knowing it, almost everyone listens through a set of “filters and shields” in the form of trying to fix, rebut, minimize, compare, or finding fault.

When we listen with more consciousness, our exchanges become more authentic, creative and effective. Pamela Saari joins the Whole Leader podcast today and in our engaging conversation, we will discuss how we can listen more objectively to ourselves and to those in our lives.


Pamela Saari collaborates with Yao Consulting Group in creating new conversations relating to leadership, presence, clarity of action, mind-body intelligence, organizational effectiveness, and more. Pamela is a transformational facilitator, mind-body coach, and business practitioner. Committed to the living out of our natural state, she offers a depth of experience and guides leaders in accessing deep wisdom.


Where to Find Pamela Online: Website | LinkedIn