On today’s show we welcome David Brendel, MD, PhD and Emmie Roe Stamell, RYT, CAy where will discuss the ways in which stress management and mindfulness strategies can improve leadership capacity. Poorly managed stress has deleterious effects on the brain and degrades executive functions such as priority setting, critical reasoning, and decision making. Effective leaders manage stress proactively and can benefit from a variety of mindfulness strategies to help them maintain calm and steadiness, even under conditions of uncertainty and rapid change. When they incorporate mindfulness strategies (such as controlled breathing, meditation, and yoga) into their daily routines, they place themselves in an optimal position to embrace leadership qualities such as emotional intelligence, collaborative team building, and strategic thinking. Since leaders set the tone and shape the culture of the workplace, the benefits of mindfulness can propagate themselves across entire companies and organizations.


David Brendel, MD, PhD, is an executive coach, leadership development specialist, and psychiatrist based in the Boston area. He is founder and director of Leading Minds Executive Coaching, LLC. Follow him on Twitter @DrDavidBrendel and on LinkedIn.

Emmie Roe Stamell, RYT, CAy is a mindfulness meditation specialist, certified Kripalu Yoga teacher, and certified Ayurvedic practitioner. She is an associate of Leading Minds Executive Coaching, LLC and director of the Sukha Yoga practice in the Boston area.