Most of us lead ourselves from our scared and small self (fear or unconscious response), and we let our scared voices run the show. Shifting our perception (and practicing what keeps us in this expanded view) can be as simple as transforming our internal alphabet from #scared2sacred so we can lead from our inner knowing, our wiser Inner Voice.


Kris Prochaska is a former therapist, who uses her intuition, diagnostic skills, and ability to read people’s energy, to teach women how to embody sacred leadership at home and in business through living in alignment with their Inner Voice. She’s momma to Anja age 7, and Eli age 11, and still in love with her opposites-really-do-attract hubby, Mike. Kris is a 2015 TedxBend speaker and is the author of Life Well Spoken: Free Your Inner Voice & Prosper and is working on her second book: Sacred Leadership Manifesto: Bringing the Inner Voice to Life.

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