Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching typically involves 30-40 hours of engaged coaching over approximately six months. For leaders with a sincere desire to learn and a humility to look inside, our coaches will:

  • Offer insight to the origins of your reactive tendencies
  • Provide clarity as you become aware of your unconscious thoughts and patterns
  • Point you to your natural state of presence, clarity and creativity
  • Provide unflappable stability as you engage in new perspectives and behaviors

The coaching engagement typically includes:

  • Meaningful bi-weekly coaching conversations
  • Experiential homework in-between sessions
  • Observation of the leader in action
  • 360 Leadership assessment and feedback
  • Periodic and customized offsite “deep dives”

As you engage in your development, your newfound clarity and strength will propel you forward in unprecedented ways.

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Private Deep Dive Sessions

These one-on-one sessions offer precise support in shifting non-productive patterns: habitual ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. From a place of presence and clarity, we will explore how specific patterns play out in your life, inquire into their origins, and learn practices and tools to help you relate to the pattern differently.

With our mutual intention and awareness as the foundation, Sara will facilitate a customized sound work session. Using the information from the one-one-one discussion, Sara will use singing bowls and her voice to create precise sound frequencies to help relax your system and encourage the pattern to shift. If you aren’t sure what sound work is, be sure to read this article.

Private deep dive sessions are for people seeking specific focused support. These sessions are available to those who are willing to reflect, explore, and courageously open to new possibilities.

Nuts and Bolts

  • Private Deep Dive Sessions on average are about 2.5 hours.
  • Each Session is conducted at Sara’s office in the Shoreline, WA area (about 20 minutes north of downtown Seattle).
  • Every Session opens by talking through your intentions and exploring the patterns you would like to shift.
  • At least an hour of the session will be dedicated to the customized sound work. You simply lay on a massage table, relax under a cozy blanket and listen or fall asleep.
  • We will wrap up by integrating all the information revealed in the session and define concrete tools to use afterwards to support your clarity and awareness.
  • The investment for a Private Deep Dive Session is $500. This is payable by check or credit card. A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required when booking the session.

If you are interested in exploring a Private Deep Dive session, please use the button below to fill out an intake form, so we can learn more about you and where you would like support. Once we receive your information, Maxine (Sara’s assistant) will reach out to schedule your session. If you have further questions, Sara will be available to answer them.

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Leadership Consulting

Using tools designed by The Leadership Circle, we offer in depth assessments of an individual leader, a group of leaders and the entire culture of an organization. We also work closely with our clients to develop strategies related to overall leader development in the organization, succession planning and transforming culture.


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