What’s a Whole Leader?

A Whole Leader operates from a state of presence and clarity regardless of the situation they are in. Yao Consulting Group’s guidance enables you to integrate your mind, heart and soul into your role as a leader – both inside and outside of work. Our approach empowers you to move beyond your intellect and deepen your awareness of your inner world while accessing tools to help navigate your external world more effectively.

Expanding as a leader is not always an easy or comfortable road. The clients who get the most out of our work together bring these foundational aspects to our engagement:

  • Humility – they are willing to be led and take responsibility
  • Sincerity – they are hungry for truth, even if it’s uncomfortable
  • Commitment – they prioritize their development
  • Willingness – they engage with discomfort and experiment with new perspectives


Companies interested in investing in key talent can receive customized Executive Coaching that will propel meaningful development. Harness the potential of a single leader by pairing them with one of our experienced coaches.

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Drawing from Sara Harvey Yao’s book Get Present our presence training will give your team the tools to deepen their clarity, focus and mindful response to their current challenges – inside and outside of work.

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Sara speaks on a wide variety of topics, but at the core of each is the idea of presence in leadership and life. Invite Sara to speak at your next event.

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“Sara is our go-to coach for leaders in whom we want to invest. […] She gets to the core of an issue quickly and provides candid feedback that doesn’t evoke defensiveness. She has worked with every department in our organization and gets results we’re looking for every time.
Sue Iverson, Senior Director of Human Resources Market Leader, Inc.
“Sara’s direct and smooth approach was incredibly effective and her compelling insights became very valuable to me throughout our time together. I’ve worked with several coaches over the years, but no one has been able to get the root cause of my leadership challenges like Sara. By stretching me to look inward, she has helped me develop a stronger presence and more focus, and as a result I am a more confident and effective leader.”
Dinis Couto, Worldwide General Manager, Microsoft