Jesse Yao


Jesse Yao joined Yao Consulting Group in 2011. His natural leadership capacity, love of working with others and commitment to conscious growth make him a natural fit for our team. Over his lifetime, Jesse has often held leadership roles – not necessarily by choice or drive but because his innate aptitude draws others to him for guidance.

With an artist mother and engineer father, Jesse has long enjoyed blending his creative and technical selves. He graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Electrical Engineering, which supports his day job as Vice President of Engineering at Quality Controls Corporation. As a corporate leader, Jesse’s ability to guide his team with skill and awareness serve his company well.

Artistically, Jesse’s role as a rock star in local cover bands has been his greatest passion. He has played keyboards and backing vocals since 1994 and loves the rush of engaging large audiences.

Outside of work and the band, Jesse enjoys playing golf, basketball and teaching piano to his sons, Ethan and Logan. Married to Sara since 1998, they enjoy creating a life that supports their values of harmony, adventure, creativity and fun.

Jesse credits his grandfather for instilling an interest and awareness in philosophy and spiritual growth. His grandfather, also an engineer, spent most of his senior years elegantly writing Chinese calligraphy and studying teachings from all religions. He shared his knowledge with Jesse and the transmissions continue to guide him in the way he approaches all aspects of his rich life.