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Sara was honored to be mentioned in Self Magazine in this December’s issue (on page 66) on how to “Live in the Now.”

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Sara shares four tricks for anyone who struggles with meditation over at mindbodygreen.

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From personal habits, business, or something else, this list consists of 39 other established coaches and consultants ready to help you through any stagnation in your life.

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Featured Media Appearances

As seen in Working Mother: Drop In made it onto Working Mother’s “10 Reads to Make 2017 Your Most Productive & Peaceful Year Yet”

The editor praised the book as “a powerful guide to honing in on awareness, connection and clarity in the face of busy routines, completing the last page of Drop In will leave every woman’s belief in herself starkly renewed.” See The List


As seen in Mind Body Green: If You’re ‘Bad’ At Meditation, These 4 Tricks Are Just What You Need

If you ask me, being “bad” at meditation is just part of the drill, at least at first. There are several reasons why it’s hard to start meditating. Read More


As seen in The Seattle Times: A Present You Give Yourself, and Others: Being Present During The Holidays

Local author Sara Harvey Yao shares ways to keep the holidays joyous, not exhausting. Read More


As seen in SELF Magazine: Live in the Now

Busy much? “The trick to white space is not deciding how you are going to use that time until it begins. When the time comes ask yourself, “What do I need right now? What am I or what are we – inspired to do?” Read More


As seen in Culturalist: Books Every Career Woman Needs to be a More Mindful Leader  

Drop In made it to the #1 spot on Claire’s top ten list. See the List


As seen in First For Women: I Was So Good at Ignoring My Mounting Stress. Then, It Took Over My Face

My wake-up call came in October 2009. For several weeks prior, I had been under incredible stress at work. I had been leading a new and very visible leadership team development project in which I had several tight deadlines and lofty deliverables. Read More


As seen in MSN and Redbook: 15 Books You Should Read This Fall

The OWN network hit Iyanla, Fix My Life has sent a tidal wave of obsession throughout the self-help seeking crowd, and anyone who can’t get enough of it will absolutely fall in spiritual love with Drop In: Lead with Deeper Presence. Read More


As seen in Buzzfeed: Becoming a Better You – 5 Inspiring Books to Read

Life can be extremely busy. Our society values extreme productivity, external rewards and speed – and our attempts to improve our lives usually results in adding more to our calendars and to-do lists. Read More


As seen in Forefront Magazine: The Hidden Power of Presence

In the aftermath of the Championship win of the Seattle Seahawks, high-performers of every kind are looking to the Seahawks for their secret to success.  Champions on the field and the boardroom should take a page from Coach Pete Carroll’s playbook and learn that the power of presence is the foundation for success. Read More


As seen in Financial Content: Worth Magazine: The New Frontier of Leadership

Today, Sara Harvey Yao, a renowned leadership consultant, announced the release of her first book. Titled Get Present, the quick read lays out simple strategies for business executives to become more effective by simply bringing their full attention to the present moment. Read More

Prior Appearances:

The Battery
March 16, 2017 | 6pm
San Francisico

University Book Store
February 28, 2017 | 6pm

Third Place Books Ravenna
Tuesday October 25, 2016 | 7pm-8pm
Seattle, WA

Books Inc. in the Marina
Thursday November 17, 2016 | 7pm-8pm
San Francisco, CA