Get Present Training

Drawing from Sara Harvey Yao’s book Get Present: Simple Strategies to Get Out of Your Head and Lead More Powerfully, our presence training will give your team the tools to deepen their clarity, focus and mindful response to their current challenges – inside and outside of work.

During this half-day session, participants will:

  • Explore the neuro-science behind their reactions
  • Access tools to engage higher levels of thinking and relating
  • Learn techniques to stay focused and resourceful
  • Build tools to quiet the mind and transform their impact
  • Take away strategies for engaging effectively with their most challenging situations with greater presence
  • How to infuse presence into their everyday interactions
  • Each session is customized to your business’ needs and objectives.

We guide your teams and help them get out of their head, get present and make meaningful and impactful changes.

The Get Present Training is a pre-requisite for all additional Workshops. Once this is completed, leaders can deepen their experience with the below Workshops.

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Listening as a Leader

As a leader it is imperative that you be fully present and listen – to both yourself and to others. When you listen from a state of presence, you are naturally more curious and able to pick up on subtleties you may have once overlooked. As a result of listening with presence, you will become more collaborative, creative and discerning.

During this session you will:

  • Deepen your practice of present moment awareness
  • Identify your inner assumptions and behaviors that get in the way of fully listening
  • Practice whole body listening – listening with mind, heart and gut
  • Gain valuable insight on how to approach one of your biggest challenges you are facing right now
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Sustaining Energy and Focus

In this session we will discuss the underlying assumptions that derail your sense of harmony and wellbeing both at home and work. With an emphasis on presence, we will challenge you to experiment with perspectives and choices that will enhance your ability to focus and revitalize your energy.

During this session, you will:

  • Deepen your practice of present moment awareness
  • Identify your unconscious assumptions that drive your actions about how you use your energy and focus
  •  Challenge your old behavioral and thought patterns that create imbalance
  • Choose specific new behaviors to support your new level of awareness
  • Experience higher levels of clarity and vitality
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Making Empowered Choices

With the state of presence as the foundation, we will guide you on how to best decide what and where you should direct your attention and energies. Using a specific and personal challenge you’re facing right now, you will be guided to question the status quo, and current processes and procedures so you can operate from a more creative space rather than from a reactive state. Making this fundamental shift will naturally enhance your performance and results, as well as your experience of work and life.

Using your specific leadership challenge we will:

  • Identify underlying assumptions that are creating tension and stress
  • Receive guidance on how to approach your specific challenge using mind and body awareness
  • Create a customized plan of new behaviors, thoughts and emotions that will support taking action on your new level of clarity
  • Experience a deepened sense of presence, clarity and creativity
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Courageous Conversations

In order for you to fully emerge as an impactful leader, you need the clarity and skill to identify, initiate and engage effectively in courageous conversations. With present moment awareness as your foundation, you will learn how to dive into important (and often uncomfortable) conversations with a greater sense of curiosity and collaboration.

During this session, you will:

  • Gain awareness to what stops you from engaging in tough conversations
  • Learn to discern your intent for courageous conversation vs. your mind’s agenda for the conversation
  • Explore specific skills to enter into and navigate your way through important conversations with clarity, collaboration and creativity
  • Learn how to bring the conversation back when it gets off track
  • Gain access to deeper levels of wisdom and courage that will ultimately support all your actions
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