Drop In: Lead with Deeper Presence and Courage

In a society that deeply values productivity, speed, and external rewards, we often find ourselves with less of what we really long for: space, clarity, connection with others, and a sense of well-being. Our attempts to improve our lives and bottom lines by adding more to our calendars, expanding our to-do lists, and constantly being plugged in to technology is backfiring. Instead of getting more done, our minds are spinning, leaving us stressed, disconnected, and unable to focus.

Drop In challenges our assumptions about the effectiveness of our busy lives and offers a compelling alternative approach to success by inviting people to learn how to “drop in” to the present moment. Deepening our awareness of the present moment, asserts Sara Harvey Yao, is the most efficient and sustainable way to navigate the complexities of work and life and to access our clarity, connection, and courage so we can lead more powerfully. Full of practical tools, Drop In will help busy professionals get out of the spin cycle of their minds and tune in to their already-existing wisdom and clarity

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What People Are Saying

“Drop In is a potent and practical guide for the journey of turning inward, but there is an even more powerful aspect to this book. Sara Harvey Yao warmly and continually points the reader to foundational truths about the human experience and offers perspectives that have the potential to radically and positively shift your orientation to leadership and life.”
Cy Wakeman, New York Times Best-Selling Author, Reality Based Leadership
“Drop In is a beautiful book with a tremendous amount of insight and inspiration. Sara has captured beautifully, that “presence” is indeed who and what we are, not a tool or something to acquire. It is our birthright, whether we are aware of it moment by moment, or not. Drop In is a wonderful guide on the journey of a lifetime.”
Maria Gonzalez, President & Best Selling Author, Argonauta Consulting Inc., Leadership: The 9 Ways to Self-Awareness, Transforming Yourself and Inspiring Others
“Sara Harvey Yao builds on the powerful premise of her first breakthrough book, Get Present to create a proactive presence–a state of enlightened awareness, wholeness, energy, courage, clarity choice, connection, and potent possibility. This book should be required reading in all leadership development courses. So, read this book, and gift it to others.”
Bob Anderson and Bill Adams, Coauthors of Mastering Leadership and cofounders of The Leadership Circle
“Drop In explains why being fully present is so hard but at the same time why it is so crucial for leadership. Author Sara Harvey Yao offers compelling perspectives, tools and stories to help guide the reader on their personal journey. The wisdom is both tangible and lofty enough to stretch your assumptions about how to live a purposeful life.”
Christian Cocks, President, Wizards of the Coast
“Mindfulness is a vital component for a leader’s effectiveness and Drop In takes you on a rich and sometimes edgy journey towards deepening your mindful awareness. It’s clear Sara walks her talk through her compelling personal and client stories that help make this book feel not only accessible, but incredibly useful.”
Tasha Eurich, New York Times best-selling Author, Bankable Leadership
“In a time of digital platforms and information worship it seems we have lost something. Drop In gives us not only the missing human component, but she also kindly allows us access to her inner wrestling match with that missing link, Presence. The first leg of the developmental journey to awakening is that of authenticity. Presence is simply the essence of an authentically rooted and aware individual. Sara, in her work, has given us a pointer to that destination.”
Alan Shelton, General Manager, Author, Awakened Leadership: Beyond Self-Mastery
“Whether you are a stay at home parent or work full-time, the rigors of our daily lives can be overwhelming. Drop In is a powerful guide for anyone struggling for balance and presence. This book simultaneously challenges your foundational patterns while supportively opening your eyes to a simpler and more sustainable path forward rooted in present moment awareness. Sara Harvey Yao brings an inimitable authenticity to her writing through tangible examples we can all relate to in both our personal and professional lives.”
Jeana Jorgensen, General Manager, Microsoft Corporation
“In a society that values doing over being, sound over silence, Drop In is a breath of fresh air. It provides an insightful, practical framework to reconnect with our inner wisdom, based on neuroscience, Yao’s work with clients, and her own personal experiences. Yao’s message is compassionate, smart, and relatable. In the end, we learn that being is the most important thing we can ever do.”
Beth Buelow, PCC, author, “The Introvert Entrepreneur: Amplify Your Strengths and Create Success on Your Own Terms”
“Drop In is a must read book for leaders and those who aspire to lead. The ideas on these pages are profound, transformational and relevant, and will have you asking, ‘Why didn’t someone show me this before?’”
Bret Neely, Executive Vice President, Greenpoint Technologies
“This soul-stirring guide is essentially a modern bible of self-reflection designed for busy professionals to refine their relationship with the present moment…enrich your self-help entertainment options with this can’t-miss journey.”
Redbook, Review
“A profound and transformational guide.”
Buzzfeed, Review
“Drop In is mindfulness meets business self-help with a dash of DIY thrown in…It offers a great introduction for people who might want to consider their lives beyond the boardroom or the meeting, particularly in regards to becoming more mindful and present.”
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