Buy the book, that is strengthening leaders and bringing presence to a fast-paced world.

Leadership coach and thought leader Sara Harvey Yao offers simple, yet powerful steps to help you find what everyone is hungry for in our fast-paced lives: access to inner strength and wisdom. The secret is learning how to be present, first with yourself, and then with others. In Get Present, Yao teaches readers how to access an infinite supply of energy, resilience, innovation, and compassion. Getting present will not only improve how you lead, but will also transform your career, relationships, health, and even our world.


“As a coach in private practice since 1996, I’ve read and studied numerous approaches to leadership development. The beauty of Sara Harvey Yao’s book is that it is dead simple without being simplistic. This slim volume distills essential insights from sources as diverse as neurobiology to the Dalai Lama and presents them along with straightforward strategies for becoming more aware, connected, and effective. Sara’s book packs a lot of leverage into a small package.”
Molly Gordon, Master Certified Coach, Shaboom, Inc.
“Don’t let the fact that this is a small book fool you. Over the last few years I’ve read a lot of books, watched talks and attended workshops on this topic. I definitely learned new information in this book and even noticed that my breathing relaxed as I was reading it. But even better, it satisfies an important need. What I really need is one place to go for “tips and tricks” for those times when I get reactive and want to get back to being present. In those moments, it’s really challenging to remember simple strategies. Now, this book lives in my workbag so I can pull it put in those moments I need a quick lifeline.”
Lisa Badame Anderson, Organizational Development Consultant, Software Company
“The book Get Present is a great concept that’s well executed thanks to Sara’s clear direction, personal insights, and actionable items that can immediately be put into practice. Get Present is a quick read that delivers real results. It seems there’s never enough time in my day, but when I took some time to read Get Present, I realized that I can better control my day and its outcomes by being more present. This is a must read for driven professionals looking to get more done and not necessarily work any harder.”
Jennifer Mueller, Sports Reporter, ROOT Sports
“This book spoke to my core and made a meaningful impact on how I lead and and live my life. Sara takes you through what being present looks and feels like and discusses the price that we pay as a result of our lack of presence. As a leader this was incredibly eye-opening and created more awareness of my impact. Her explanation of how we are unconsciously controlled by the amygdala in our brains was also fascinating and helped explain a lot of behaviors I see at work. I took with me simple and meaningful tools and actions to further my journey with presence in both my personal and professional lives.”
Kathy O’Brien, President, Escrow Professionals of Washington
“Sara Harvey Yao offers compelling evidence and practical tips to help leaders discover the peace, creativity and inspiration that is found in presence. Take Sara up on her invitation to practice presence and you will find yourself more effective and happy.”
Chris M. Murchison, Vice President for Staff Development and Culture
“The author has done a wonderful job of sharing an age-old practice and wisdom in an engaging, direct, and accessible way. The book gives real-life, practical examples and tips while also not missing the fundamentals of remaining grounded in curiosity and heart. This is the type of book that can be with you wherever you are, allowing for a great way to “check-in” as one rewires into a more natural, powerful way of functioning. As an important resource for leaders and teams, the book supports latest thinking about aware, mindful leadership and sustained organizational effectiveness. Sara’s own compassionate presence and candid style really comes through creating an impactful and enjoyable connection.”
Pamela Saari, Leadership Consultant & Mind-Body Practitioner
“Sara Yao’s book, Get Present, makes an excellent gift for business executives and managers and also clients of coaches, therapists and counselors. It is an easy read with practical and clear steps to “grounding oneself” at any given time in the mindless busyness of our daily existence, running from one thing to another while multitasking. Short anecdotes illustrate the points and make the book a real treasure. Reading the list of behaviors – external and internal – that are expressions of a triggered Amygdala makes one stop and want to heed to the advice in the book. I love the smaller size of the book – makes it a great one to carry around in a purse or pocket. A good read at any time.”
Kristiina Hiukka, Executive Coach, Big Agenda Coaching
“I was hooked on Get Present from the moment I started reading. I love the ease of reading, pace and mix of real-life examples, science, and practical tools. I was able to put strategies into play that helped me clear my head and my interactions with my family and co-workers are more effective and meaningful. You will understand right away how present Sara was while writing the book as it keeps you engaged from cover to cover!”
Abe Schilperoort, Senior IT Analyst, T-Mobile
“I love this book! Being present more often has change my life; I’m more effective at work, more engaged with my family, and I’m learning to move through life with greater ease and impact. Sara’s book, Get Present, is amazing at bringing awareness to this important practice and offers tangible strategies to bring us back to our natural state in the midst of the craziness that is life. I recommend this book for all business professionals who are interested in working less, but getting more done and living a happier more balanced life.”
Scott Falkin, Vice President, Falkin Associates – Construction Management
“Sara Yao’s new book explains with crystal clarity the fundamental truths of our brain, our body, and the inevitable costs of driving ourselves too hard and acting unconsciously too often. Having learned first-hand as one of her clients the benefits of being present, this book has re-inspired me and I heartily recommend it. Just let its clear insights and encouragement help you to take steps to being a more effective leader, improving your health and happiness, and having everything seem easier. This is one of those books that you can (and should) re-read every few months to keep you at your best!”
Sarah Daniels, Chief Marketing Officer, Marketleader
“Sara has a style of writing that makes me feel like she is right there talking to me. This is a book that I will read and re-read over and over again until it becomes my common sense. Being present seems like it should be such an easy thing to accomplish but it is not and the support and guidance that this book provides is so well worded and so helpful. And when I find myself being truly present in things, everything becomes so much more meaningful. Great guide for any busy person who is addicted to multi tasking.”
Sarah Lohden, Senior Functional Analyst, Getty Images
“With strong personal ambition and multiple important roles – manager, mother, spouse – I thought stress and exhaustion were just something I had to endure. Sara’s insights blow apart that mental model. Her book reminds us that presence, joy and happiness are our natural states. But its true value is not this uplifting truth. Rather it’s the simple, practical tools she offers to regain these states. Instead of more work, or a rigid methodology, she offers plenty to play with to gently access inner wisdom. And have fun while doing it.”
Yvonne Muench, Director, Microsoft Corporation
“This book is a terrific addition to my leadership toolbox. I have used many of the techniques outlined in the book to strengthen my leadership presence. My favorite is a walk outside followed by “white space” time. This works great when I feel stuck, irritated, or need to bring some creativity to a tough problem. Being more present has helped me communicate more clearly, be more productive, and connect better with people, both at work and at home. I am grateful for this readable, practical, and easy to use book.”
Dan Blase, Managing Director, IPS Seattle
“I buy myself memberships to the gym to strengthen my body…this book reminds me to take care of the rest of me as well! I can get into a space where every decision is difficult, hard and time consuming. Once I learned the techniques to get out of my head and become present, it was like I was seeing everything with a new level of clarity. Decisions became clear, concise and so much quicker to make. I’ll be sharing this with my team for sure.”
Erika Cottrell, Vice President of Marketing, Sahale Snacks
“Sara Harvey Yao’s book on getting present is beautiful, simple and life changing. She has an amazing way of taking an eastern concept and applying to leaders and everyone else. She is smart, funny and full of great information about how presence can enhance your life. I plan to give a copy to each of my therapy clients.”
Jessica Butts, Psychotherapist
“It’s obvious that Get Present is the culmination of years of leadership coaching wrapped up as a powerful guide on how to get present in the moment and how to come back when you aren’t. This is a revolutionary read for any leader who has already been through the basics of leadership development and is ready to up their level of mastery.”
Melissa Fulton, Marketing Consultant
“If your success is stalled and you know that whatever you’ve done to achieve this level of accomplishment is not what will get you where you really want to go, Sara Harvey Yao’s book ‘Get Present’ is a must-read that will change the game and up-level the satisfaction and rewards you enjoy through your life, work, and contribution to the world. I highly recommend this book.”
Nancy Juetten, Business Bio Expert and Get Known to Get Paid Mentor Nancy Juetten,
“With the fast pace of our lives and work, it’s easy to lose sight both of the importance and effectiveness of slowing down and getting present. In this book, Sara surfaces compelling reasons why leaders need their presence more than ever, and offers plenty of tangible tools to make this concept easy to apply. Sara’s insight and candid style are gifts that make looking inward and trying new behaviors a lot easier.”
Eric Eddings, President, Sahale Snacks
“Sara is a guide who walks her talk. You can feel her compelling and warm presence when she walks into a room—and that extends to this book. She shows how the practice of presence can be a path toward self-mastery that allows people to gain access to higher levels of living, thinking, relating, and leading.”
Karen Dixon, President, Tronvig Enterprises, LLC