In my book, Drop In: Lead with Deeper Presence and Courage, I write about the challenges I worked through when first learning to access my clear mind. First I had to disentangle myself from thinking my thoughts were who I was and, instead, I learned to shift my awareness to the stable ground of presence.

When we begin to drop in and explore the distinction between the content of our mind (constant thoughts) and the larger context of our being (preexisting stillness, calm, and awareness), it can feel overwhelmingly hard, and that is why so many of us get frustrated when we first begin to meditate. Just like cleaning out a junk drawer, you have to open it up and take a look at the mess before it gets less cluttered. Bottom line: frustration with accessing the clear mind is part of the process, so try not to let that stop you.

I felt compelled to offer Chapter 4 of my latest book as a way to help you access your clear mind so you canĀ feel a deeper level of presence, liberation, and clarity from your spinning mind. Here is Chapter 4, Accessing the Clear Mind, and I would love to hear what questions you have or how it helped you.