The Company

The Yao Consulting Group has been working with leaders to access their presence for more than 20 years. Their clients are leaders from varying companies, industries and cultures from all over the world:






The Team

<p><center>Sara Harvey Yao</center>

Sara Harvey Yao
Sara Harvey Yao founded this consulting company with the primary mission being to expand the consciousness of leaders and their teams. She has helped thousands of leaders around the globe lead more powerfully within companies ranging from midsize to Fortune 100. Sara and the Yao Consulting team blazes a pathway for leaders to expand their capabilities and have more meaningful impact both professionally and personally.
<p><center>Pam Dibbs</center>

Pam Dibbs
Pam partners with individuals and teams from a variety of organizations including Costco Wholesale Corporation, Alaska Airlines, Microsoft Corporation, Multicare Health System and PopCap Games with a focus on coaching leaders to increase their resiliency and presence. Leaders who work with Pam notice they have increased confidence about their ability to stay calm no matter what crises arises, are less anxious and sharper in their decision-making.
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<p><center>Maxine Waterman</center>

Maxine Waterman
Maxine joined Yao Consulting Group in 2014. As our Business Manager, she is consistently helping us stay on track, organized and having fun! Through managing projects, online operations, client communication and scheduling, her work allows us to focus on the areas that need us the most. Maxine’s personality, problem solving skills, and desire to grow individually makes her a valuable asset to our team.
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