About The Whole Leader Podcast

The Whole Leader podcast empowers and inspires all who are leaders at home and at work through conversations with thought-leaders and authors from various industries and areas of expertise. Topics range from new ways of leading at work, navigating our inner world, and shifting our relationships with practical life issues like money, parenting and intimate relationships. Tune in weekly and learn how to be a Whole Leader in your own life.

Growing Up Mindful with Christopher Willard

Discussing ways to build resilience and manage stress in ourselves and our kids with Christopher Willard [...]

The Art of the Sabbatical with Chris Murchison

Taking a sabbatical or stepping away from a normal routine, whether it’s long or in micro bursts, can help [...]

From Self to Society: Cultivating Leader’s Capacity to Lead More Consciously with Jeremy Hunter

Jeremy Hunter, PhD is here to talk about the importance of how learning to understand the [...]

The Power of Mindfulness at Work with Ted Meissner

Ted Meissner shows us how mindfulness is impacting the corporate world and the science behind the [...]

Speaking Truthfully with Robert Rabbin

Robert Rabbin is here to discuss what it means to live life authentically and speak truthfully. [...]

Ally or Adversary? Why The Quality of Your Professional Relationships Matters with Morag Barrett

Morag Barrett is welcomed to the show to discuss the importance of relationships to both professional and [...]

The Power of Nature with Jill Suttie

Being in nature can reduce stress, increase positive emotion, restore attention, and lead to more kindness and creativity. [...]

Pushing Past Digital Distractions with William Treseder

Sara and William discuss how the world is rapidly changing and what people can do to avoid being [...]

Leading When the Moment Counts with Lili Powell

Listen in to learn how mindful practices can help you as a public speaker to become more present... [...]

Mindful Parenting: Helping Kids Use Their Internal Guidance w/ Sharon Ballantine

Each of us possesses our own internal compass that will always direct us to our best answers. [...]

Bringing Your Inner Voice to Life, Work, & Relationships w/ Kris Prochaska

Shifting our perception (and practicing what keeps us in this expanded view) can be as simple as transforming [...]

Cultivating Work-Life Balance & Wellness Through Mindfulness w/ Jennifer Wolkin

By practicing mindfulness techniques, we can learn to tune into what we truly need to nourish ourselves... [...]

The Role of Leadership Revolutionized with Cy Wakeman

In this podcast you will hear Cy reveal her latest philosophies on the true role of leaders in [...]

A New Model of Leadership w/ Betsy Leatherman President of The Leadership Circle

When you start being transparent and really authentic I believe energy and ideas flow through you at a much [...]

How Mindfulness Enhances Executive Leadership w/ David Brendel & Emmie Stamell

Effective leaders manage stress proactively and can benefit from a variety of mindfulness strategies to help them [...]

Stop Living Your “Plan B” with Warren and Betsy Talbot

Today’s guests, Warren & Betsy Talbot will show you the secret to eliminating that feeling and give you actionable [...]

Bankable Leadership with Dr. Tasha Eurich

Learn how anyone—whether you’re a formal leader or an informal one—can become a better leader by making small, [...]

Mastering Leadership: The Universal Model of Leadership with Bob Anderson

In this episode we will explore the key elements of conscious leader framework and how it can broaden, [...]

Raising Relational Kids in a Screen-Driven World with Arlene Pellicane

Arlene Pellicane is the co-author of Growing Up Social: Raising Relational Kids in a Screen-Driven World. [...]

What are You Waiting For? Overcoming Procrastination with Debbie Rosemont

On today's show, we discuss smart and practical strategies busy professionals can use for combating procrastination and getting [...]

Listening with Presence with Pamela Saari

In this engaging podcast, we will discuss how we can listen more objectively to ourselves and to those [...]

Why Compassion Is Essential for the Health and Well Being of our Workplaces with Emily Hine

Emily devotes her time to helping people find inner peace and compassion in this beautiful, chaotic world of [...]

Living and Working with Impact and Balance with Mitch Shepard

Mitch helps provide women with the practical skills and invaluable inspiration needed to elevate their lives – in [...]

Learning from the Inside Out with Janice Houlihan

Janice is on a path to bring about peace to the world starting with children. Download [...]

The Transformative Power of a Personal Money Practice with Mikelann Valterra

Most leaders embrace goals of less stress, more peace, more enjoyment of life, and more presence. [...]

The Introvert Entrepreneur with Beth Buelow

Beth is on a mission to create a world where introverts can be wildly successful while still being [...]

Nothing Changes Until You Do with Mike Robbins

When we practice kindness towards ourselves and learn to make peace with who we are we’re able [...]

Making a Sensational Shift in Your Leadership with Dr. Susan Bernstein

Dr. Susan Bernstein offers a unique mind/body perspective on shifting into your leadership presence, and she shares it [...]

The Promise of Presence with Marie Rose Phan-Le

Marie-Rose has been one of the most influential teachers throughout my own practice of being more present and [...]

Creativity and Presence with Molly Gordon

Molly takes us through specific ways we can increase our level of presence so we can access higher [...]

Practicing Conscious Leadership with Chris Murchison

Chris talks about how he navigates his personal practice of conscious leadership and how he brings it into his [...]

Exploring Mindful Leadership with Maria Gonzalez

“Exploring Mindful Leadership” with guest, Maria Gonazlez author of, “Mindful Leadership: 9 Ways to Self-Awareness, Transforming Yourself and Inspiring [...]


The Whole Leader podcast is a bi-weekly conversation between Sara Harvey Yao and a thought-leader. Topics ranges from new ways of leading at work, navigating your inner world and shifting relationships with practical life issues like money, parenting and intimacy.
Being a Whole Leader means being present in the moment and leading from all aspects of yourself, including your clear mind, connected heart and courageous gut.
If you’re interested in being featured on The Whole Leader podcast, we’d love to talk with you. Please send an email to support@yaoconsulting.com and include a brief description of your platform and what you’d like to share with our audience.
Host Sara Harvey Yao, founder of Yao Consulting, has helped thousands of leaders around the globe lead more powerfully within companies as large as Fortune 100. She’s a powerful advocate of living and working from a state of awareness and presence. Learn more about Sara>>