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What Is Sound Work?

In early 2017, I was introduced to a healing modality called “sound healing” or “sound work”. Sound work uses specific sound frequencies via the human voice, singing bowls and other sound tools such as tuning [...]

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Guest Blog: The Leadership Mistakes I Hope I Never Make (again) by William Treseder

I’ve made thousands of mistakes in my professional career. And that covers a wide variety of work. Over the years I’ve been: a salesman; a U.S. Marine; an employee of a large company; an employee [...]

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Guest Blog: Don’t Forget to Take Time to Be Present by Maria Gonzalez

So often we forget to take time to be in the present moment.  And, in so doing, we miss life.  Whether it be a season, a conversation, a meal, if we are not present, we [...]

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Guest Blog: Mindfulness in Public Speaking by Robert Rabbin

NOTE: The author of this blog, Robert Rabbin recently passed away and our planet has most definitely lost a wonderful light. Please enjoy some these last teachings from Robert. Mindfulness refers to our capacity to [...]

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Accessing the Clear Mind

In my book, Drop In: Lead with Deeper Presence and Courage, I write about the challenges I worked through when first learning to access my clear mind. First I had to disentangle myself from thinking [...]