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What Is Sound Work?

In early 2017, I was introduced to a healing modality called “sound healing” or “sound work”. Sound work uses specific sound frequencies via the human voice, singing bowls and other sound tools such as tuning forks to help calm the nervous system and transform energy. We (and everything around us) are made up of vibrating [...]

Guest Blog: The Leadership Mistakes I Hope I Never Make (again) by William Treseder

I’ve made thousands of mistakes in my professional career. And that covers a wide variety of work. Over the years I’ve been: a salesman; a U.S. Marine; an employee of a large company; an employee of a small company; a teacher; a consultant; and an entrepreneur. Despite my best intentions, I keep making mistakes. Many [...]

Guest Blog: Don’t Forget to Take Time to Be Present by Maria Gonzalez

So often we forget to take time to be in the present moment.  And, in so doing, we miss life.  Whether it be a season, a conversation, a meal, if we are not present, we have not really experienced it.  And, that moment will be forever gone. Life ONLY happens in the present moment. When [...]

Guest Blog: Mindfulness in Public Speaking by Robert Rabbin

NOTE: The author of this blog, Robert Rabbin recently passed away and our planet has most definitely lost a wonderful light. Please enjoy some these last teachings from Robert. Mindfulness refers to our capacity to see, understand, and relate to what is actually happening, rather than what we think is happening. That is why we [...]

Accessing the Clear Mind

In my book, Drop In: Lead with Deeper Presence and Courage, I write about the challenges I worked through when first learning to access my clear mind. First I had to disentangle myself from thinking my thoughts were who I was and, instead, I learned to shift my awareness to the stable ground of presence. [...]

Join Me On Sabbatical

I'm in the midst of a four-month sabbatical to rejuvenate and relax in a way I have never done before. The root word of sabbatical is sabbath. Although "sabbath" has several meanings, Wayne Muller, author of, Sabbath: Finding Rest, Renewal and Delight In Our Everyday Lives, describes it as intentional rest and stillness and how we [...]

Guest Blog: “Everyday Sabbatical” by Chris Murchison

Buenos Aires. Six weeks. Private Spanish lessons. Tango. Empanadas. Iguazu Falls: all the trappings of an exotic travel adventure. Which it was, but my time in Argentina was much more than just a vacation. Which, as we now know, is extremely important for us. This sojourn was intentional, thoughtfully planned and carefully curated. After a stressful [...]

Do You Love Your Calendar?

Do you have an intimate and loving relationship with your calendar? I know that sounds like a weird question, but having a close relationship with your calendar is one of the most profound things you can do to find more clarity and sanity in your daily life. I have a weekly rendezvous with my calendar [...]

Where Is Your Attention?

We all know what it feels like to have our attention pulled in many directions. Recently for me, the book launch and tour, political landscape and family commitments, have all vied for my attention. These last months have been an opportunity for me to live by one of tenets of presence I offer in the [...]

The Why of Stillness

While many people meditate to relieve stress, increase performance, and become more centered and focused, meditation offers a deeper possibility. Meditation can be the doorway for you to explore and inquire about the nature of your reality and the possibilities of your life. Through stillness and silence, you have an opportunity to see that you [...]

Are You Marinating Enough?

Now that the New Year is well under way, how are those resolutions working out? No matter if you have stuck to them with fervor or if they are already a distant memory, there is another way you can be in relationship with the things you desire and it’s called “marinating”. Last year I had [...]

Drop In Highlights of 2016

As many of you know, 2016 was an exciting year with the launch of my 2nd book, Drop In: Lead with Deeper Presence and Courage. I am so grateful and honored for all of the media attention it has received. Just in case your 2016 was moving as fast as mine and you missed some of the [...]

Holiday Presence

As the holidays (and political transitions) are in full swing, it seems like everyone I know is stressed and overwhelmed. I too have felt the impact of the external world, and it makes me even more passionate about how much we need to to turn inward to listen and act from a place of presence [...]

Guest Blog “The Intentional Use of Silence” by Chris Murchison

Sometimes it can be hard to find the words to describe how exactly we feel. The words may be deep inside, under layers of emotion and locked up in our bodies. Or the words are swirling around inside and need time to be processed. Or you may fear using the wrong words, saying something that [...]

Am I Living on Autopilot?

When you’re on autopilot, you’re going through the motions of life, checking things off your list, but not being really, truly present to your experience. The tricky thing about being on autopilot is the unconscious nature of it. Think about how autopilot works in a jet: the pilot decides to put the plane on autopilot [...]

Navigating the Election Season with Presence

Every election season evokes emotion, charged rhetoric and drama, but this election season feels particularly painful. The jabs, accusations and downright cruelty are taking a toll on our emotional and mental wellbeing. As the primary election season wrapped up earlier this year, I tuned into my reactions to the outcome. As I felt my own [...]

The Wake Up Call That Changed My Life – and Career

I often get the question about how I started on my “path” towards presence. My answer is “when I got Bell’s palsy.” Bell’s palsy is a virus that paralyzes one side of your face and when I woke up one morning in 2009 unable to drink, speak or smile, at some level, I knew my [...]

Deep Listening

Thank you for all of the support and words of encouragement many of you sent after I announced the upcoming publication of my new book, Drop In: Lead with Deeper Presence and Courage. Last month I previewed some of the new content by offering the Tenets of Presence and this month I'm sharing one of the most valuable expression of [...]

Are You Bad at Meditation?

Recently, my friend and I were talking about meditation and she told me that she was starting to experiment with meditation. She quickly confessed that she was a “bad meditator,” and I thought to myself, Welcome to the club. But instead of saying that out loud, I asked her why she thought she was a [...]

Your Secret to Success: Presence, Not Adrenaline

What is the last thing you see before you close your eyes at night? Your partner? Your book? Or your email? I recently heard a well-respected female technology leader talk to 200 fellow employees about how she created her successful career.  The advice she shared at first was sound for any leader: be clear of [...]

How Do You Get Someone Else Present?

The most common question I’m asked after I speak to a group about my book Get Present is, “How do I get someone else (like my boss, colleague, spouse, etc.) to be present?” I love the honesty of this question, because I think we all have a desire for other people in our lives to [...]

How Do You Do Commitment?

  Celebrating after walking 60 miles in record heat with my friend Julie Rey. You know those people who commit to something—say running a marathon or creating a new business—and no matter what, they never give up? From where I’m standing, it looks like they don’t waver or give even a thought to [...]

How Well Do You Celebrate?

It’s December and if you’re like me, your calendars are chocked full of parties.  These parties are meant to celebrate, but how well do you do it?   I don’t mean how good are you at drinking or eating, I mean, how well do you create space to acknowledge your accomplishments, transitions and growth?  Throughout the [...]